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surface-travel-0123Old Inn offers quick and easy access throughout the year because of it’s geographic location. The climate is great for outdoor activities. Six covered, heated acres provide bathhouses, infirmary, buffet and dining hall to meet all your needs.


Paintball and fourwheeling in the same venue. This is a unique choice of fun, quality experience and professionalism.

Tambo Viejo is a recreational complex for fourwheelers and paintball, 8 miles from Bariloche and just 20 minutes away in the town of Dina Haupi.

Activities can be enjoyed independently and/or simultaneously with lunch, dinner or snacks From June to September the paintball field is illuminated allowing evening activity. There are half and full day accomadations according to the requirements of the operator. The site also features soccer and volleyball courts.


  • Fourwheeling
    Only Quads are permitted which allows even the most inexperienced to enjoy the facilities. Snack service in available only during the daytime and helmets must be worn during all activities.

  • Paintball
    LAll activities are performed with markers on firing ranges for clients to become familiar with its use. The urban paintball field, which is almost 1000 feet long by 130 feet wide and has 150 markers, is in the décor of the Inn. Equipment provided for clients consists of Jackets, collars, gloves, helmets and facemasks with antifoggers. Activities are conducted under the watchful eye of highly qualified arbitrators. Dinner is included for those who use the facilities at night.

The activities are conducted under the strict supervision of a professional staff trained to provide the best service and friendliness to visitors.


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Route 40 Dina Huapi

How to get

From the center of Bariloche, east on route 40. Total travel: 13km / 20 min.


Open all year.



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