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We invite you to visit the most accessable frozen lake in Patagonia. Walk through a snowy forest to a shelter where we will be waiting for you with a prepared lunch, all while breathing the fresh air of a morning in the Andes.

Hike to Laguna Congelada (Frozen Lake)

  • Departures: Winter
  • Duration: Full day
  • Difficulty: Easy. All ages.
  • Clothing required: Clothes and shoes for snow

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Night hike with dinner

Come to live only for walking through the wood under the moon and stars and then share an unforgettable dinner by candlelight in a cozy mountain retreat in the valley of Challhua-co.

Compare these tours with day trips where you do not see the silhouettes of the mountains of the region, but the presence of man in different parts of the hills near the city. But after just 10 minutes you see only the stars which guide you on the trail.

  • Departures: Winter
  • Duration: 4 hs.
  • Difficulty: Easy. All ages.
  • Clothing required: Clothes and shoes for snow

Nordic skiing

With preserved skis found in swamps, the evidence of Swedes and Finns trying to move on snow using various materials is ancient. Greek historians mention skins, skates and special shoes for this purpose. Five thousand years later, we invite you to feel free to walk on skis through the snow covered forest.

  • Departures: Winter
  • Duration: Half day
  • Difficulty: Easy. All ages. Kids from 6 years old. Ask for shoe sizes for young children.
  • Clothing required: Clothes and shoes for snow

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Estancia Esperanza

It is located in Ñirihuau River Valley, 28 km from the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, and 14 km from the airport. The Estancia is placed in the transition region between the Andean forest and the steppe.
Within its 6900 acres, it is possible to do lots of activities such as horseback riding and trekking with different levels of difficulty and in small groups of up to 6 people.  All the activities are supervised bybaqueanos and trilingual guides (Spanish, English and French).

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